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Secure Remote Access
We provide a range of network security services, such as consulting on Virtual Private Network (VPN) architectures for midsize or large enterprises and government agencies. We can design a robust, redundant, highly available, secure network access solution that can be accessed remotely, over the Internet, anywhere your people can plug in a laptop. We base our recommendations and implementations on advanced VPN technology using 3DES and AES encryption (128-to-256 bit cipher keys) of your transmitted data. Your remote users can have secure access to the company Intranet and business partners can reach a secure section of your network for joint extranet applications.

DNS Consulting Services
We offer DNS (IPv4, IPv6) consulting services to Fortune 1000 enterprises, universities, the US military, or federal government customers on Linux servers and clusters, Solaris, and Windows.see more.. Communications drops support for Digital FX. is no longer supporting older broadcast equipment. We recommend you look at new Sony or Canon Technology.
See Sony Broadcast and Business Solution in 4K Or See Canon Broadcast Equipment CANON Broadcast

Protect your online assets.
We offer network security consulting which includes firewall security audits, secure infrastructure protection of routers and switches against various types of DDoS attacks, secure configurations of servers and workstations, Cyber Defense, anti-virus security and DMZ and Defense-in-Depth Network Designs. Various types of indepth security monitoring techniques are recommended as well as security hardware and software. Audit proceedure and DoD checklists are used. Security is critical in today's networks to keep your business or agency on track. Be proactive, don't close the "barn door" after the network attack. We recommend Cisco ASA firewalls and Cisco ASAs for Virtual Private Networks and Cisco ASAs with inline Intrusion Prevention. For larger configurations, we recommend Cisco ASA modules that allow the building of firewall farms and multiple firewall contexts.

Company Overview is a Network Architecture and Engineering consulting firm. We provide our services to middle-market and large enterprises, government agencies, military, and to the cable and telecommunication industries. As network architects, we provide Internet Protocol (IP) consulting services and develop solutions to improve the overall performance of "mission critical" computer networks. Most of our consulting work is deep within the IP infrastructure: Network Architecture and Consulting, Network Security, robust Internet Access design and implementation, IPsec and SSL VPNs, High-Availability Network Design, Legacy Frame-Relay and ATM Wide Area Network (WAN) architectures, Optical Network Architectures, MPLS TE and QoS, Intranet Peer Security, Integrated IS-IS and IP Network Design, Network Intrusion Detection Systems(IDS), Incident Response Methodologies, Multi-homed (multiple exits to the Internet) local, regional, national or global enterprise networks, Voice-over-IP (VoIP), Dual Stack IPv4-IPv6 Architectures, Least Cost Routing Solutions, Intradomain Multicast Network Designs, Private Hoot and Holler Financial VoIP Voice networks and other types of networking.

IPTV Network Consulting
Another service we offer is consulting on IPTV Network Architectures for cable and telecommunication providers and enterprise or academic campus networks. We can design a highly available, resilient Open IPTV (previously called Internet television) or Walled IPTV architectures using IPTV servers and proven software for compression and Video on Demand (VOD) and Streaming Video content. Our triple play (voice, video and data) converged network solutions focus on Standard Resolution and High Definition Video deployed over multi-vendor IP networks using state-of-the-art SD or HDTV, MPEG4, MPEG2 hardware to IP encoding technologies. Once encoded into IP, the IP stream can be unicast or multicast onto the network backbones maintaining Quality of Service (QoS). We can also leverage these architectures for high resolution business video conferencing (one-to-one and one-to-many) with a "signal" QoS that is jitter free, low loss and with sub-50ms latency end-to-end.


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